70 reasons to celebrate!

Since we can’t have a party this year, we wanted to help you celebrate with birthday wishes from family and friends.

Happy birthday!

♥ Amy and Joanne

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Thank you for 30 happy years and so many more to come.
70 is a reason to let loose and have fun. Love Gail

Steph Boyd

Richard!! Happy Birthday you amazing soul! I hope this year brings all the travels, wine, art/live music you could ask for! With a side of flamingo shenanigans of course. Have a great day and hopefully see you soon!!

Colin Grassing

Cheers to being able to celebrate turning 21 again! Hope we’ll see you soon to share a cold one. In the meantime, hope you have an awesome day! Happy Birthday!!

Joanne and Amy

70 years young…you haven’t changed a bit! ? Happy birthday!


Happy birthday Dad!
Hope you get a chance to relax and kick your feet up today! ♥
Love Joanne

Caiden, Ethan, and Noah

Happy birthday Grandpa!
We can’t wait to eat your birthday cake again with you soon! ?
Caiden, Ethan, and Noah

Alf Haagsma

Happy Birthday Big Brother. Thanks for letting and teaching me to drive and probably almost cause you to “s**t my” touring “caution hill”, MacCosham home when it was still a distance from the city lights. Lots of memories from those road trip.

June and Phil

You’ve finally joined the 70’s Club and a new decade of great music and fun ahead. It’s always a treat to see your warm and welcoming face – hopefully soon again at concerts, dinners, walks, and other ‘forbidden’ social gatherings. Have a great Birthday!


Happy birthday to my dear old dad! This picture feels like forever ago now. I hope you have a great day. Can’t wait until we can see you again and celebrate in person! ♥


P.S. There may be a few more surprises in the works.


Happy Birthday to my favourite Foch buddy!


Happy 70th Birthday Richard! You were studious from the get go…sitting by Grandma, deep in thought and, rather than holding a stuffy, cradling some reading material or perhaps an accountant’s flow chart under your arm. Mom and I still talk about that Bosco Chocolate Syrup that would accompany you on your trips out to the farm. Apparently the best chocolate syrup in town, but I’m still waiting to help verify that. 😉 I love our cousin bond, where even if it’s been some time since we’ve seen each other we can pick up like it was yesterday. I hope you have an awesome day, filled with things that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!!


Two more favourite old photos to enjoy…

Terry and Joan

A very happy birthday to you, Richard!
And best wishes for many more years blessed with good health and happiness!
Love from Terry and Joan

I’ve (Joan) known you since before this photo was taken, which was January 1952.

The Caldwell Neighbours

Richard it is a pleasure being your neighbour. We share a love of flowers, trees, the pond and especially the fox. A great big Happy Birthday as we celebrate you today!
Jackie, Richard and Adam


Happy 70th birthday to my oldest and wisest brother! As usual, you are leading the way into our 70’s. Hopefully we will all follow your lead and get there too (but not too soon)!
You have always been a fantastic big brother, always willing to help me out in countless ways over my 64 years and I want you to know that I appreciate it more than you will ever know.
I have to thank you (again) for not getting too mad at me when I helped myself to your Clearasil pimple treatment, when I couldn’t afford to purchase my own.
We have had so many laughs and great times over the years and I know that there will be more to come. I am looking forward to when we can (soon) have in person celebrations and celebrate all of the special occasions that we missed.
Love you lots!

Steven Boehm

Happy Birthday Richard! I hope you have a fantastic day.


Happy 70th Richard!
Here’s to many more years of attending concerts, trips to Banff, and hikes with Gail, June and Phil!
Thanks to both you and Gail for your friendship!

Derek and Lesley

Birthdays are good for you. Studies show that people who have more birthdays live longer!
All the best wishes for your 70th birthday!


Happy 70th birthday uncle!

Auntie Sophie Wierenga

I (Darlene) asked Mom for a memory of you, Richard, and she remembers the many summers when Uncle Jerry and Auntie Ann would drive out from the city on a Sunday afternoon and either bring a load of kids out for a week to the farm, or pick up a load of kids to take back to the city, or both. Mom remembers Richard would always take his own Bosco along because he did not like white milk. She found that to be so cute! Happy Birthday, Richard, and have fun celebrating and many more happy healthy years. Auntie Sophie.
Here is a picture of the good old days when our Moms met at some of the Accordion Extravaganzas. They were so cute together. Taken in 2010.


Happy Happy Birthday Richard. May your day be filled with love and joy. Lots of memories over the last 70 yrs. all of them good.

Dan Boehm

Richard James,
The big 70. Congrats on reaching this milestone, I hope you are able to share in celebration with a few now, and many more in the not too distant future.


Happy 70th birthday to my oldest and wisest brother. For years you always knew the answers to all my questions. Now just in case you don’t know something Google can maybe help too. You’ve been an excellent older brother and I hope that you have many happy and healthy years ahead. I think all of us siblings have great memories of our summer bicycle excursions – you lead the way and made sure it was safe for all five cyclists to cross the roads …. all the way to the zoo. Then you and Ernie hauled the bikes up the shortcut hill so we didn’t have to pedal all the way up the long road. You were in charge of our zoo finances …. should we feed the animals or buy popsicles? From selling me my first car to sump pump rescues during summer storms you are always willing to help out. I appreciate that you even offer to visit me in jail while reviewing my income tax questions. One day soon it will be party time for all of us again. Hugs and best wishes for a wonderful birthday.

Christine Godlonton

Happy 70th Birthday Uncle Richard!! I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope someday soon we can all get together and celebrate all the missed birthdays together again!

Karen Boehm

Happy 70th birthday, Uncle Richard! Like a good bottle of wine, you are not getting old, just well-seasoned! I hope you have a fantastic day and a wonderful year ahead!

Gail Allison

Happy birthday and here’s to many more! Hope you have a fantastic day Uncle Richard!!!


Aging is Mandatory. Maturing is Optional. So kick up your heels and dance as if no one is watching!!

Darlene and Derk

Richard, it is about time that you reached a new decade!! I was getting lonely up at the top. This being our second birthday in Covid, at least you will not wear yourself out too much as if you had a bunch of company clinging around you, all wanting a piece of you. So go ahead, have your cake and eat it too. At our age, we do have to pace ourselves. LOL. Have a most wonderful birth-day of celebration and may you be blessed with good health, along with lots of love and laughter in the coming years. Sending virtual hugs for your special day. Look at this sweet little guy, an accountant far before his time, getting his books in order to submit to the government. Have a fun day!!

Sarah Haagsma

Happy birthday Uncle love you very much hope you have a great day much love ???

Diane Allison

70 years young! This is one for the books! I look forward to when the family can all get together to ring in these milestones. Hope you have a wonderful celebration and an even better year to follow.
Diane and Jon